Guided to Thrive

Virtual Life Coaching for Chronic Illness

Imagine thriving with unwavering courage, navigating chronic illness while embracing resilience and dignity. Envision personalized guidance empowering you to flourish, advocate for yourself confidently, and embrace growth. This is ‘Guided to Thrive’ – your transformative journey to empowerment and self-discovery.

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In a world often defined by relentless pace and bustling routines, the emergence of chronic illness can feel like an abrupt disruption, casting a shadow over the vibrancy of everyday life.

The weight of uncertainty, the maze of medical appointments, the isolation from former activities – it’s as if life’s script has been suddenly rewritten, leaving you navigating an uncharted territory without a compass.

But what if there was a way to rewrite this narrative, to transform the journey of adapting to chronic illness into one of empowerment and resilience?

‘Guided to Thrive’ offers more than just guidance; it’s a lifeline to your inner strength, a path illuminated by personalized support and the promise of not just surviving, but thriving with dignity. Let’s embark on this voyage together, rewriting the story of your journey to one where courage, self-discovery, and growth take center stage.


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Discover the benefits:

Empowered Adaptation

Gain personalized guidance and strategies to adapt to the challenges of chronic illness with confidence and resilience. Learn how to navigate daily life, manage energy, and set boundaries effectively, empowering you to reclaim control over your experiences.

Compassionate Support

Experience a strong coach-client connection rooted in empathy and understanding. Receive tailored resources and tools that align with your unique needs, fostering a sense of compassion and camaraderie throughout your journey.

Wholistic Growth

Embrace personal growth that integrates mind, body, and spirit. Explore a transformative path that goes beyond symptom management, encouraging you to embrace your new identity, uncover strengths, and enhance self-advocacy skills.

Thriving with Dignity

Cultivate courage, resilience, and dignity as you navigate the complexities of chronic illness. This journey of empowerment encourages you to engage in genuine self-discovery and personal growth, fostering a sense of grace and strength throughout your path.

Love Notes From Clients & Readers

I had somehow lost my path and completely forgotten how to keep my mind, body, and spirit alert to what was and is going on inside me. Then came April’s recent teachings on self-care, and the light hit! I’ve taken some time to put some of her tips into action, and I’m making so much progress in my self-care and personal growth journey now!

April’s tips on creating routines for bad days, as well as good ones, are fabulous – it’s not something I even considered doing before! I’m working towards taking better care of myself, and I’m keen to build in better routines that work for me rather than working against myself all the time – especially when I’m too unwell to function.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Understand Your Journey

We’ll dive into your experiences and challenges with chronic illness. Through discussions and exercises, we’ll gather insights to build a clear picture of your situation.

Step 2

Build Practical Strategies

Together, we’ll develop practical plans for managing your energy, setting boundaries, and advocating for yourself effectively and learn to navigate daily life more confidently.

Step 3

Discover Your Strengths

Explore your strengths, passions, and values to better understand yourself. We’ll work on integrating these aspects into your life, helping you feel more aligned and purposeful.

Step 4

Cultivate Resilience

As you move forward, we’ll focus on celebrating progress, building resilience, and embracing challenges. You’ll learn to thrive through chronic illness with dignity and strength.

PLUS – Get these exclusive bonuses!

Recorded Sessions

Recorded sessions are a valuable resource that lets you revisit and reinforce our coaching discussions, ensuring continuous progress and understanding on your journey to thriving with chronic illness. Access personalized guidance whenever you need it, creating a supportive library of empowerment at your fingertips.

Email Support

Bonus email support provides you with ongoing guidance and answers to your questions between coaching calls, ensuring you have consistent support and resources as you navigate your journey of thriving with chronic illness. Stay connected and empowered, receiving personalized assistance whenever you need it.

Additional One-Off Calls

This bonus offers you the flexibility to schedule additional coaching sessions after completing the package, ensuring you can address specific challenges, celebrate milestones, or seek further guidance on your path to thriving with chronic illness. Tailor your support to your evolving needs, empowering you to continue your journey with confidence.

Love Notes From Clients & Readers

April’s advice and tips have been an absolute lifeline for me lately. They’re not just words; they’re pure inspiration that have transformed the way I balance my work life and my needs as someone with a chronic illness. Thanks to her, I’ve learned the power of saying “enough” and setting boundaries that prioritize my well-being.

Working with April as my life coach has been a game-changer! Her active listening skills and thought-provoking questions helped me refine my goals and see things from a fresh perspective. Starting with simple, achievable steps, I built on each success with April’s unwavering support. In a short time, she made a significant positive difference in my life.

April Smith, founder and coach at The Thriving Spoonie, a compassionate and empowering brand for those with chronic illness. A smiling cisgender woman with short wavy brown hair, green eyes, and dressed in a blue denim shirt, confidently faces the camera, smiling.

I’m April Smith

I’m a life coach, blogger, and founder of The Thriving Spoonie. I empower those with chronic illness to thrive with authenticity, courage, grace, and resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What outcomes can I expect from this coaching?

By participating in “Guided to Thrive”, you can expect to enhance your adaptability, build resilience, improve energy management, foster personal growth, and embrace a more empowered approach to living with chronic illness.

What is the duration of each coaching session?

Each coaching session typically lasts around 60 minutes, providing ample time for meaningful discussions, strategies, and guidance.

How often are the coaching sessions held?

The coaching sessions are held weekly, providing consistent and steady support as you navigate your journey.

What can I expect from the personalized resources?

Personalized resources include practical tools, exercises, and materials tailored to your needs. These resources complement your coaching experience, offering actionable steps for enhancing well-being and growth.

Is this coaching suitable for newly diagnosed individuals?

Yes, “Guided to Thrive” coaching is designed for both those who are newly diagnosed and those seeking a fresh perspective on living with chronic illness.

Sign up for Guided to Thrive 1:1 Virtual Coaching

Join me for a transformative coaching journey tailored to your resilience and growth amidst chronic illness. Together, we’ll navigate challenges with compassion, crafting personalized strategies and fostering empowerment. Let’s embark on this unique adventure towards thriving, where your courage shines through, and your dignity is reclaimed.

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