Hi, I’m April

And I’m tired of trying to be part of a personal growth community that just doesn’t get my needs as someone living with a chronic illness.

So I decided to create my own community to help others thrive through chronic illness by sharing practices, tips, and tools that cater the unique needs of the chronic illness community.

Photo of April Smith, Owner & Founder of The Thriving Spoonie

Have you ever taken a meditation course or picked up a self-help book, only to realize that none of the methods or tips are accessible to you as someone with a chronic illness?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been through this. After being diagnosed with a chronic neurological condition in 2018, I learned that I’d have to give up or seriously modify the majority of my personal growth practices (intense hatha yoga & pranayama, for starters).


So, I began the search for different ways I could keep up with my pursuit of personal growth, while still honoring my body’s needs. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the mainstream personal growth community has a long way to go when it comes to being accessible to the chronically ill and disabled communities.


After growing tired of trying to modify every technique I came across, and after seeing others struggling like I was, I decided it was time to shift my focus from serving those suffering from burnout and create the type of personal growth community I myself was longing for – one just for those with chronic illnesses.

Hi, I'm April!

Hi, I'm April!

I’m a life coach & EFT Practitioner who’s also chronically ill. Aside from blogging here at The Space Between, I also like crocheting, movie nights with my hubby, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Wanna hang out? Come follow me on social media!👇‍

Do you struggle with intrusive thoughts

about living with chronic illness?

10 Empowering Chronic Illness Affirmations
10 Empowering Chronic Illness Affirmations

10 Empowering Chronic Illness Affirmation to Help You Cope With Chronic Illness

These affirmations are crafted by a spoonie (that’s me!) specifically to address some of the most common & challenging thoughts and emotions spoonies are faced with.

I’ve left out the toxic positivity and ableist jargon, so you can feel safe and comforted using these phrases whenever you need them!


Thanks! Your affirmations are on their way!

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