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Helping those with chronic illness and pain

develop the skills to live life by design – not by diagnosis.





“Spoonie” is a term coined by chronic illness blogger Christine Miserandino that refers to people who live with chronic illness(es).

Hi, I’m April –

your new internet spoonie friend here to help you learn to live well & thrive through chronic illness.

Sharing tips for personal growth and how to navigate the chronic illness life.

Here you’ll find blog posts and free resources to help you start living your life by design – not by diagnosis.


I’ll be your guide as you learn about:


  • what effective & accessible self-care and personal growth looks like

  • how to manage the emotional ups and downs that come with having a chronic illness

  • self-advocacy and nurturing allyships by reading the lived experiences of someone with a chronic illness

Get the tips & tools you need to start thriving

through your chronic illness & living life on your terms.

Personal Growth


Life Through the Lens of Chronic Illness

Emotional Wellness

On the blog…

Do you struggle with intrusive thoughts

about living with chronic illness?

10 Empowering Chronic Illness Affirmations
10 Empowering Chronic Illness Affirmations

10 Empowering Chronic Illness Affirmation to Help You Cope With Chronic Illness

These affirmations are crafted by a spoonie (that’s me!) specifically to address some of the most common & challenging thoughts and emotions spoonies are faced with.

I’ve left out the toxic positivity and ableist jargon, so you can feel safe and comforted using these phrases whenever you need them!


Thanks! Your affirmations are on their way!

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