Empowering those with chronic illness to embrace change with authenticity, courage, grace, and resilience.

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EFT for Chronic Illness Workbook

Everything you need to know about EFT Tapping for Chronic Illness, plus a  guide to creating your own tapping script.

Daily Affirmations for Spoonies

Get your hands on these empowering affirmations that leave the toxic positivity & spiritual bypassing behind.

Guide to Creating Daily Routines

Learn to create routines that honor your body’s needs and help you make room for more ease.

life coaching for those with chronic illness

Guided to Thrive: 1:1 Virtual Life Coaching

Learning to navigate chronic illness with authenticity and courage is like charting a new course through uncharted waters, where every ripple becomes a testament to your strength and every challenge an opportunity to redefine your journey.

Increase your capacity for adaptability and self-awareness, enhancing your journey through chronic illness with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to your own strengths.

Building resilience is your key to overcoming challenges, embracing growth, and unlocking the door to a more empowered and fulfilled life while navigating the complexities of chronic illness.

April Smith, founder and coach at The Thriving Spoonie, a compassionate and empowering brand for those with chronic illness. A smiling cisgender woman with short wavy brown hair, green eyes, and dressed in a blue denim shirt, confidently faces the camera, smiling.

I’m April Smith

I’m a life coach, blogger, and founder of The Thriving Spoonie. I empower those with chronic illness to thrive with authenticity, courage, grace, and resilience.

feel empowered

with resources to help you thrive through chronic illness

I share my best tips & insights from my own life on the blog to help you thrive through chronic illness.

Weekly emails jam-packed with tips & resources to support you on your path toward resilience.

Adapting to life with chronic illness need not be a solitary endeavor.

Imagine a journey where you’re never alone – “Guided to Thrive” is here as your steadfast companion.

Through personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, we’ll navigate uncharted waters, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and empowerment.

Together, we’ll chart a course towards authenticity, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose, ensuring you’re never alone on this transformative path.

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